Directadmin настройка dkim

Directadmin настройка dkim продвижение сайта вид

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Relating to this feature, this guide will outline how to install DKIM on your DirectAdmin server. DKIM will sign outbound message, and receiving servers will check that signature against DNS records added to your zone to verify the signature and lower the spam score if it passes. 1) Ensure the exim supports. Its going to have DirectAdmin installed and all the mailing from this server will come from 1 domain. Can someone help me out and provide me with the best way to sign outgoing mail on this server please. Is it easy to setup since all the emails just need to be signed from the same domain since all the  DKIM selector to username. Step 1 – update DirectAdmin Before you can setup DKIM records for your domains you need to update your DirectAdmin to the latest version. This can be done by logging in to your DirectAdmin as an admin user and entering “Licensing / Updates” section, see the image below: After that click “Update.

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